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Do you dream of making a living making video games?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Do you love to play video games, and wonder what it would be like to make a living making them? It is very much possible...hundreds of thousands of people make a living as well as find creative fulfillment working in the game industry worldwide; games is a $150 Billion industry, larger than movies and TV combined!

I'm a Game industry veteran and have been part of more that 60 games on varied platforms like Console, PC, Mobile and Browser that have a grossed revenue in excess of $10 Million. I have also been teaching game-making for 10+ years at well-known game education colleges.

Video: Is it a good idea to go to Game School?

I haven't always been a game-maker; for the first 15 years of my working life I was a merchant naval officer, and I used to travel the world on Tankers and Ore Carriers as a navigating officer. Even though the pay was great, I started to be dissatisfied after a while, as I had a creative itch (I used to play games on the ship, and also while at home on holiday) that I really needed to scratch. I will make a separate post about my journey, but suffice to know that it has been a very interesting one!

Game-making takes a team of designers, artists, developers and testers (among others) working together. It is a highly specialized and technical profession with it's own set of challenges and opportunities. Worldwide, there are many, many game studios that are big, medium and small that make games for a variety of platforms like Console, PC, Mobile and Browser.

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Here you will learn not only how to make games, but also how to make a living making them. Up Your Game is a portal where you can find Resources, Courses, Mentoring, Career Guidance and Community!


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