"Learn how to make games, and make a living through them!"


To make successful video games requires a solid understanding of many creative disciplines such as game design, storytelling and art. It requires expert-level programming skills as well as knowledge of data analytics as well as marketing skills. Game-making is an extremely collaborative discipline, and one with a steep learning curve.

While one can find many resources for learning game-making tools such as Unity, the following questions still need answering:


"How do I get started making games?"

"Is there a process to follow to make a game?"

"Can I make a living making games? If so, how?"


At Up Your Game, you will find answers to these and many more questions.   


Rahul Sehgal

Game-maker, educator and consultant

I've been making games for the last ten years, as well as teaching how to make them. I work with multinational companies making hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue as well as small studios with 10-50 employees making niche games.

I also teach game-making at different colleges, and dozens of my former students work in the game industry all over the world, as Designers, Programmers and Artists for companies such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Rockstar among others.


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