"How do I get started making games?"

Do you play video games and wonder if it is possible for you to have a career making video games?




Next question is: Where and how do I start?

 The only way to learn how to make video games…..drumroll…….


.....is to actually MAKE video games!


Whether you want to be a Game Artist, Programmer, Designer or any other role, you will need to actually work on a game project to really understand Game-Making. It is like no other creative discipline, and is very, very practical. 


There is a theoretical aspect to learning Game-making as well; it’s great to have a grasp of the basics of Play, Game Design theory and other disciplines, but this needs to be done alongside participation in an actual game project where you go through the processes of conceptualization, scoping, pre-production, production, polishing, release and post-mortem.


Broadly, there are two options available to those who want to learn game-making and maybe even make a career of it:


Firstly- Get a formal education (go to game college or enroll in a game education course). If this is something you can do, there are many advantages to it (provided you find a good course, and there are not many of those around!)


(Do I need to go to a game school?)


Secondly-Learn game making by making games right off the bat. Here, too, you are confronted with two different choices- making games all by yourself (solo indie) or joining a team making games.


(How to get a job at a game studio)


So in conclusion, there are many paths to becoming a Game Maker. There is no right or wrong path, and you have to choose your own. I was a Merchant Marine officer for fifteen years before I decided to get a Game Making education and become a Game Maker; many of my colleagues in the game industry got there without any formal training.


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