"Do I need an education in Game Making?"


This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and understandably so.


The short answer is- 

"A structured game education and mentoring can be massively helpful, provided you find a good Course and Mentors."



Game-making is a massively complex undertaking that is the culmination of all human creative endeavors-Art, Design, Storytelling and Programming, among others. The process is something like this (simplified for understanding):


  1. Conceptualize a game 

  2. Scope the project

  3. Pre-production

  4. Production (make the game)  

  5. Test the game thoroughly

  6. Market the game

  7. Release the game

  8. Update it based on feedback

  9. Maybe EARN MONEY with it


You need to get EVERYTHING right to make a successful game, which is why games are by and large made by multi-disciplinary teams with varying skill sets.


It is also a very risk-prone process; a large percentage of game projects, Indie or otherwise, never get completed, and even when they do see a release, do not recover the investment in terms of time and/or money. Making games is hard, and making money from them, even harder.


This may sound a bit harsh, but I’m here to help you be successful and for that I need to set your expectations right.





You can do it yourself or with a few friends, watching tutorials on the internet (there are lots of resources out there!). Anyone can download Unity, Construct or any other game creation tool and get started. Learning the tools is the easy part. 


What’s harder is learning the process I have listed above. There’s no tutorial for learning that process; you have to learn it yourself by first doing it wrong and THEN learning from your mistakes, or you can have someone with EXPERIENCE, who has already made those mistakes and learned from them, teach and mentor you.


That is where a good, well-structured game education will help. I studied at VFS (Vancouver Film School), where industry veterans came in after work and mentored us in the art and craft of creating video games. 


They worked at AAA studios like EA and Rockstar, as well as small indie studios and medium-sized outfits that created everything from Console to Mobile games. There are a thousand things that I learned from these mentors that would have taken years, and countless mistakes by me.    


However, a good game education costs a lot of $$$$. I was lucky that I had the means to pay for it, but that is not the case for everyone. 


Also, there are a LOT of shady Game Courses out there. Watch this excellent Extra Credits video that talks about game education.



My goal  is to offer high-quality support, mentoring and resources to Game-Makers, whether you choose to go to a game college or learn it on your own by just jumping in. 


I hope you find what you need here, and if you need a session of one-on-one counseling, you can get in touch here.