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Here you will learn how to make games AND how to make a living making games. I'm here to help with the PRACTICAL aspects of game-making; I've gone through the grind, and have created a set of lessons and best practices to guide you. Here are some of my former students who have done well for themselves, and would like to share their stories-


“I credit Rahul in large part for my journey in learning Game-making and being part of the industry. I had the opportunity of working on quite a few projects under his mentorship during and after my graduation from Backstage Pass School of Gaming. He brought a lot of unique ideas and fun teaching techniques into the video game development scene in India. His own experiences in game industry helped us a lot in understanding the importance of design and functional production pipelines. Now, I’m happy to say that I work as a Designer/Artist at an awesome online gaming company!”


Harshini Isvi, Designer, GVC


"Rahul helped me to be the developer that I am today. Apart from teaching game design and production, he also gave me a lot of information and advice about the game industry. His methods are very practical, and makes you think differently about the game-making process. He encourages teamwork and has helped me be a team player; apart from a great game designer, Rahul is also an inspirational and encouraging mentor!"


Anshul Soni, Software Engineer II, Electronic Arts (Seattle)


“The game design and production class by Rahul was great; its interdisciplinary approach allows you to choose your area of interest and collaborate with different disciplines. Through the program I began familiarizing myself with game development and started networking with industry folks. Rahul taught me at Backstage Pass, which helped me land my first internship quite early during my college, which would later allow me to obtain my first full-time position as a game designer after graduation.”


Anmol Nikam, Game Artist, YesGnome

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"Rahul is a very creative, energetic and passionate teacher. The passion he has for game design really shows in the way he teaches. He is very patient and creates a fun learning environment for his students. The lessons themselves are very creative and provide a holistic view of the subject. He is very knowledgeable and well informed about the latest trends in the industry. His teaching methods prepare students for the industry and beyond. Rahul taught me game design during my bachelors at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology, which prepared for the industry and brought me a lot of success."


Aakash Parameswaran, Game Designer, Glu Mobile

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