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Hyderabad, India


Rahul Sehgal is passionate about teaching gamedev and growing the game development community. He has been teaching game-making and mentoring students for the last 10 years. His goal is to guide those who are committed to making games, towards a rewarding professional life.

About Rahul

"Learn how to make games, and make a living through them!"


To make successful video games requires a solid understanding of many creative disciplines such as game design, storytelling and art. It requires expert-level programming skills, knowledge of project management as well as marketing skills. Game-making is an extremely collaborative discipline, and one with a steep learning curve.

While one can find many resources for learning game-making tools such as Unity, the following questions still need answering:







Rahul not only gave me enough knowledge to be the developer I am today, but also a great deal of advice about what the industry is like, and what to expect when I started working. His ways are very practical. He emphasizes teamwork, which helped me be a team player. He is an inspirational and encouraging mentor, and a great game designer to boot! "

-Anshul Soni 
Gameplay Programmer, Electronic Arts, Seattle